Open Access

Since the rise of fully Open Access journals some 15 years ago, there is a possibility to disseminate your research more widely. Some publishers nowadays also offer the option to make an individual article from subscription journals Open Access. Find out what your possibilities are.

Make your research Open Access in

Browse journals and Open Access deals

Use the 'Journal browser' to find information on Open Access deals for WUR staff. You can look up a specific journal to check whether Open Access costs are fully or partly covered by an arrangement for WUR staff. Click on ‘more info’ button next to the journal description. Open Access information is visible only for those journals that are included in the WUR arrangements.

Additionally, you can browse journals by subject, and use filters (e.g. Open Access deal discount, Open Access journals (Gold), Quartiles) to select a suitable journal to publish in. Our system will provide you with suggestions for alternative journals to consider: in a journal description, see 'Similar journals' on the right side.

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