Could you design the ultimate urban greenhouse?

The explosion in urban growth presents opportunities as well as challenges to our environment and our food systems. Many cities are looking for ways to help feed themselves sustainably and urban agriculture is becoming an exciting new discipline.

To support these developments, Wageningen University & Research is organising a Student Challenge to “Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse”.

Who for? Students in relevant fields at universities or universities of applied sciences around the world.

What’s the challenge? Submit an urban greenhouse design which brings (professional) food production into urban neighbourhoods, connects it with local energy systems, contributes to a circular city and encourages citizens to engage with sustainable production and consume healthy food.

What’s it about? Your entry will be assessed on topics such as: renewable energy; citizen inclusion; contribution to the circular city (e.g. recovery of phosphate, water, nutrients); ICT use; business models and of course greenhouse design and plant production systems.

When’s this happening? Register between 1st  and 31st ofOctober 2017. You will present your design for an expert jury during the last week of August 2018. 

What’s next? Start putting together your interdisciplinary dream team now and get ready to Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse!

More info? If you would like to be kept up to date on the Student Challenge, please fill in the form below. We will inform you when new information becomes available, and when deadlines are coming up.