Wind farm at sea

In this dossier you can find news, backgrounds and results of our research on the effects on nature of wind energy with windmills at sea.

There is an increasing use of wind energy. Not only on land but also at sea, windmills are installed in offshore wind farms at Egmond aan Zee and IJmuiden. Wageningen University & Research examins the effects of wind farms on fish, seabirds and marine mammals.



Blogs Wageningen Marine Research researchers at ZeeinZicht (in Dutch:

  • Erwin Winter of Wageningen Marine Research went to visit a special lab, where research is being done on the effects of underwater noise on fish and other marine animals.
  • Ben Griffioen of Wageningen Marine Research examines the behavior of fish, particularly in wind farms. With special equipment, he can see the underwater world on screen with DIDSON (Dual frequency sonar IDentfication). DIDSON is a high resolution sonar that uses acoustics (sound) to make images.