Bachelor Minors

Bachelor Minors

Wageningen University offers a wide range of BSc Minors for students from Wageningen University, other universities and for HBO students. Following a minor provides you with the chance to deepen your knowledge and competencies within a specific scientific field.

What is a BSc Minor?

BSc minors at Wageningen University consist of sets of courses of 24 European Credits (ECTS). The courses in minors have coherence and profundity and are scheduled in either the first or second semester of the academic year.

View the list of BSc minors of Wageningen University.

See the calender of the academic year 2016-2017

Target groups

The BSc minors are intended for third year BSc students from Wageningen University or from other universities. There are also possibilities for HBO students to take a minor. And because about half of the minors are completely in English, they can be interesting for international students as well.

Information about admission for students of Wageningen University is on the admission to minors page.

Students from outside Wageningen University can take a look at the page for external students for admission to the minors. Contact the minor coordinator for more information.

Information about minors

If you want specific information about a minor that interests you, contact the minor coordinator of that minor. If you want more general information about the BSc minors at Wageningen University and you cannot find it on these pages, contact the central minor coordinator at