WIAS calls

Here the funds available via WIAS will published.

WIAS Open call 2017 (deadline 27 february 2017)

The graduate school WIAS announces an open call for new PhD and postdoc research projects. Within this round, we aim to support 2-3 projects.

The pre-proposals should be submitted before 27 February 2017 to wias@wur.nl.

The full proposals must be submitted before 8 May 2017.


  • At least two research groups from Wageningen University & Research have to be involved in the proposal with at least one WIAS group. The cooperation must be such that research should be carried out for at least a quarter (preferably more) within each participating group.
  • For projects involving Wageningen Research or a research group outside WIAS, only the budget for the WIAS-group will be funded.
  • Salary costs of a PhD or postdoc position will be covered including overhead (~36%). The applicants should guarantee the additional (research) budget needed.
  • The PhD/Postdoc projects granted should start in 2017.

Selection criteria

  • Scientific quality
  • Originality/innovative approach
  • Added value of collaboration

Review procedure

Proposals will be screened for eligibility and completeness by the WIAS director and executive secretary.

The first selection round will be based on short (maximum 1000 words, ~ 2 A4) pre-proposals. The pre-proposals will be ranked on scientific quality, originality / innovation, feasibility, and collaboration by the members of the WIAS Research Committee. The research committee provides their ranking to the scientific director (or a replacement from the board if he himself is involved in proposals) who then decides which pre-proposals can be worked out to a full proposal. This first selection should result in approximately a 50% granting chance of the full proposals. The number of full proposals that can be worked out depends on the required budget from WIAS per proposal.

The full proposals are written and reviewed using the standard format and procedure for WIAS proposals. This means that proposals are assessed by three external reviewers. The final selection is carried out by the WIAS director (or a replacement from the board to avoid a possible conflict of interest) on the basis of the reviewers comments.


26 February 2017 Deadline for pre-proposals using the attached format
13 March 2017 WIAS informs application about the decision for the full proposals
7 May 2017 Deadline for submission of full proposals
3 July 2017 Final decision on allocation by WIAS