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Welcome App

Welcome! Once you arrived in the Netherlands you will probably be blown away with all the new systems and information. Wageningen University has developed an app to help you to find all the information you need to make the most out of your first weeks in Wageningen.

The Welcome App contains information on how to use public transport, how to travel to Wageningen and how to register at the municipality and university. Besides, you can learn more about the health system, important insurances, how to open a Bank account and cycling. The app also contains maps with the most important locations in Wageningen. A cultural guide about the Dutch, some language support, and an overview of different (national or local) events are included too. Reason enough to discover this app yourself!

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iPhone: www.wuni.nl/welcomeapp-iphone
Android: www.wuni.nl/welcomeapp-android
Windows: www.wuni.nl/welcomeapp-windows
or search for Welcome App Wageningen in your app store.