Admission requirements Master

The admission requirements for the Masters apply to all MSc programmes of Wageningen University & Research. Individual programmes may have specific requirements in addition to the general requirements.

General requirements

Enrolment in a MSc Programme at Wageningen University & Research requires:

  1. A BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to your selected programme.
  2. Quality: sufficient quality of the BSc degree as shown by an average mark of at least 7 (Dutch system), a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least B/B+ (US system) or a classification as 2nd upper (UK system). You can download a pdf file with detailed information on other international equivalents of the required quality 'WU International Credentials Evaluation guidelines.'
  3. Fluency in English, both written and spoken. Information for
    Dutch nationals - EU nationals - nationals outside EU/EFTA
NB: You can submit any document in English or Dutch that may enable the Academic Committee on Admissions to better judge your application, such as a summary of your BSc thesis report or other relevant research papers (two pages maximum). Papers should include contact details of your academic supervisor (if available) or a letter of recommendation from your professor or employer.

Please note that the application becomes the property of the Student Service Centre after you send it. Therefore no original official documents should be sent. You will be required to submit a certified copy of your (Bachelor) diploma before we can enrol you as a student. All documents must be submitted as PDF files.

Specific Requirements

The above admission requirements apply to all MSc study programmes at Wageningen University & Research. Individual programmes may have specific requirements in addition to the general requirements. Please check the 'Admission and application' details per MSc programme for further information.

If your BSc degree is not yet available

If you are still in the process of obtaining your BSc degree, submit a copy of the degree as soon as it is available. The Academic Committee on Admissions can tentatively admit students based on a transcript of their academic record, relevant research and an official letter from the university confirming that you will complete all programme requirements before the deadlines.

NB: You are required to bring your original Bachelor diploma and original transcript of your academic records to Wageningen so the Student Services Centre can photocopy them for your file. Without these original documents you cannot enrol as a student at Wageningen University & Research.

Exemption Internship

Depending on your work experience, it may be possible for you to be exempted from the MSc-internship. The internship is a learning period of 24 credits, in which academic skills are trained in a professional setting, usually done outside the university. An exemption is only possible based on relevant working experience gained after obtaining the BSc degree. If you want to apply for exemption of internship, please submit a statement describing in detail your work experience.


If you do not meet all the admission requirements for an MSc-programme due to a disability (e.g. dyslexia) contact the Student Counselling Service to make an appointment with one of the student counsellors. They can recommend changes to the requirements.