Apply for a Master programme (non-EU/EFTA)

On this page you can find information about application for a Master of Science programme at Wageningen University & Research. This information is specified for prospective non-EU/EFTA students. Information for Dutch or EU-students can be found on other pages.

    Steps to enrollment

    Step 1: Application and Admission

    You need the following documents:

    1. A completed application form:

    2. Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Dutch or English (or a certified English translation). Students in the final year of their Bachelor may also apply for admission prior to graduation. The Academic Committee on Admissions can tentatively admit students based on a transcript of their academic record and the expected date of graduation. To enroll as a student a certified copy of the Bachelor degree must be submitted before the first day of the start of the study programme.

    3. Transcript of academic records (list of subjects and marks obtained during the Bachelor) in Dutch or English. When enrolling as a student a certified copy of the transcript of academic records needs to be submitted.

    4. English language proficiency test results

    More information: English language proficiency test (non-EU/EFTA)

    5. A statement of motivation/purpose explaining why you wish to enroll for the chosen programme, and if applicable, an indication of the programme’s practical value to your profession (one page maximum).

    6. A typed Curriculum Vitae
    or brief personal history.

    All documents must be submitted as PDF files in STARS (Student Tracking Admission Registration System).

    How to upload documents in Stars? (.pdf)

    Only complete applications will be submitted to the Academic Committee on Admissions (it can take up to two months to process the application). Your application is processed in the Student Tracking Admission Registration System (STARS). You will receive a registration letter (by email) containing a filenumber and a password. With this user-name and password you can check your application status in STARS.

    An applicant who does not meet the admission requirements and is rejected by the Academic Committee on Admissions of Wageningen University & Research will receive notification to this effect as soon as possible. The applicant may lodge an appeal against the decision.

    Please note that the application becomes the property of the Student Service Centre after you send it. Therefore no original official documents should be sent. You need to submit a certified copy of your (Bachelor) diploma and list of subjects/marks before you can be enrolled as a student.

    Step 2: Confirmation

    You are kindly requested to confirm your participation in the MSc programme. This can be done on-line through STARS.

    Indicate on the confirmation form how your MSc study at Wageningen University & Research will be financed, either from:

    • from private resources (yourself or family)
    • a fellowship programme
    • a sponsoring organisation (for example: your employer; NGO; your Government; et cetera.)

    If you have applied, or intend to apply for a fellowship, please indicate the fellowship programme on the confirmation form.

    If the expenses related to your study will be financed by a sponsoring organisation, part 3 of the confirmation form should be completed.

    If any changes occur in your situation, for example a change of address or a change in sponsor, please inform the International Office by using Q&A.

    Step 3: Payment

    Upon receipt of your confirmation form, an invoice will be sent to you or to your sponsor. The invoice includes important information about the payment. The required amount should be paid into our bank account (see the invoice for details) before the deadline. Do not make any payments before receiving the invoice.

    More information about Study expenses and payment

    Step 4: Legal Residence

    Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries (except Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, United States and Vatican City State) require a special visa (called an Authorisation for Temporary Residence ATR; Dutch abbreviation: MVV) to study in the Netherlands. Upon receipt of the required amount the International Office will start the visa and /or residence permit procedure, for those students who require a visa (can take up to 2 months). It is not possible for students to apply for the ATR/MVV themselves. You can find more detailed information about the visa and/or residence permit procedure.

    More information about Legal Residence and immigration procedures.

    Step 5: Housing and insurance

    Idealis (the main student housing corporation in Wageningen), is the allocating authority for all rooms of Idealis and Wageningen University together. Idealis provides prospective students with information about the application procedure. If you are a prospective student, please wait for Idealis to contact you by email. You will be contacted by Idealis if you have confirmed your application for your studies in STARS (EU students) or after you have settled your invoice with the university (Non-EU students) Idealis will contact you approximately two to three months before the start date of your programme in Wageningen.

    More information about housing for students outside EU/EFTA

    In the Netherlands, everyone is required to have health and liability insurance. If required, Wageningen University & Research can assist international students in arranging a comprehensive insurance upon arrival in Wageningen.

    More information about insurance for students outside EU/EFTA

    Please see "Travel Instructions" (pdf). This leaflet contains important information about your travel to Wageningen.

    Contact SSC

    Step 6: Preparation and travel

    We strongly advise you to plan your departure to Wageningen for September/February before the mentioned Welcome to Wageningen week/day. For more information check: To arrange before departure to Wageningen.

    Step 7: Arrival and final registration

    Students starting their study in September** are expected to arrive mid-August to enable them to settle in and follow the introduction programme prior to the start of the academic year. From experience we know how important it is to get settled in a new environment, that all matters concerning registration are arranged, so that students can start their programme at Wageningen University & Research without any disruptions. Only when all registration requirements have been met you can be registered as a student at Wageningen University & Research. ALL students who wish to register need to submit CERTIFIED TRANSLATED COPIES of their bachelor degree and academic records.

    When registered as a student you will receive a username and password for the University network enabling you to register for subjects and examinations. Students will be formally enrolled at Wageningen University & Research after their arrival.

    **PLEASE NOTE: Enrolment as a student at Wageningen University is only possible as of September 1 or as of February 1* (when the study programme has an official 2nd starting date or when the Programme Director of a programme without a second starting moment gives his or her consent in writing).

    Enrolment as a student at any other time is only possible in exceptional cases and with permission of the Programme Director and the Head of the Student Service Centre.

    *See "Application deadlines Master Programmes" for the programmes starting in February.