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On this page you will find include contact information and information about open days and education fairs.


You can get into contact with the Food Technology programme directly by using the contacts shown below, or by any of the other means listed on this page.

The Food Technology programme is not responsible for handling the administrative procedures regarding students and supplying prospective students with information on individual application details, visa, housing, finances etc.

For this, contact the Student Service Center.

Programme Director: Dr. ir. Ralf Hartemink, +31-317-483558

Programme e-mail:

Postal Address:

Food Technology Programme
c/o Dr. Ir. R. Hartemink
PO Box 16
6700 AA Wageningen
the Netherlands

Visiting Address:

Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

Study Advisors

  • Ing. Martina Starovičová, MSc, +31-317-482790
  • Bianca van Dam, MSc, +31-317-484125
  • Dr. ir. Anja Janssen, +31-317-482231
  • Ir. Marjoleine Verkerk, +31-317-485983
  • Melanie van Berkum, MSc, +31-317-482436

Master Open Days

These orientation days are held at Wageningen University itself. Here you will visit the university’s campus, meet fellow students and speak with study advisors from the programme. The Master Open Day allows you to get a good image of the university, the town and its people.

Read more about the Master Open Day

Contact a Food Technology student

Students have the opportunity to walk along with a present Food Technology student for a day. Just contact the programme and we will have a present student contacting you. You can join this student for one day of his/her studies at the university.

If you are not able to come to Wageningen to meet a student, we can get you into contact with a student from the programme from your country (when available). Just contact the programme and state your wish and country of origin.


You can order or download the Wageningen University MSc programma brochure.

Education fairs in your country

There is a possibility to meet Wageningen University in your country. This in order to provide you with information and to answer any questions about studying in Wageningen. Many times a year university staff and representatives will be present at education fairs held internationally.

Find out about the next education fair in your country.

Study association

Nicolas Appert is the study association for the Food Safety programme. For more information about the study association you can visit the Nicolas Appert Website.

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