Specialisation: European Master in Food Studies

This unique programme is set up by prestigious public universities and private enterprises, presenting a truly world-class postgraduate education to launch an exciting career in the international food industry.

Limited admission

The European Master in Food Studies is a demanding programme. Applicants will be reviewed from the perspective of their ability to pass the courses without failing and their contribution to the team experience. Only students with sufficiently relevant academic background and good grades are considered for admission. The (Executive Board of the) European Master in Food Studies selects from these candidates the best mix for the group as a whole, taking into account both educational background and personal experience. When candidates are equally qualified and interesting, our approach is: first come, first served.

This specialisation is limited to around 20 students. Therefore an additional selection procedure is applied after admission to the Food Technology programme. For more information, see the website of this programme, www.eurmscfood.nl

First year

Wageningen University

Before starting the first academic year, incoming students begin the programme with one week of intensive team building and communications training at Wageningen.

Students will spend the months of September-December in Wageningen, complete courses in Food Structure and Behaviour and will begin the ongoing Team Project:

University College Cork, Ireland

Students will stay in Cork during January and February and will complete courses in Consumer Studies and Management:

AgroParisTech, Massy, France

During March and April students will study in Massy (near Paris) and complete courses in Food Technology:

Lund University, Sweden

Students will finish the first year in May-June in Lund with a course in Product Development and Innovation:

More information about the content of the courses can be found at www.eurmscfood.nl

Second year

The second year begins with the nine-month Thesis Project, working on applied research with one of our partnering multinational food companies.

After returning to Wageningen in June students follow the course Special Topics (2 weeks of intense teaching on 2 topics, the topics may change upon the needs of the industry) and finish the Team Project.

On graduation day at the end of the programme, each Team Project will present their results to a larger audience.
Graduates will receive the Wageningen University MSc degree.

For more information see www.eurmscfood.nl