Your career

Your career

Study Advice

Study advice is a main element that Wageningen University is proud to offer you during the course of your lifetime as a student there. In accordance with the university’s vision, it is paramount that students are appropriately stimulated and encouraged in order to progress as both individuals and professionals based on their personal interests and abilities.

A study advisor acts as your personal coach and provides you with well-balanced information about the study programmes, its trajectory, its range of choices and helps you prepare for your future career. The advisors are a rich source of information offering a broad and far reaching network paving your way to contact with other students, teachers, alumni organisations, institutions and businesses.

Future Point

Wageningen Future Point is a contact point for current students, prospective students and alumni of Wageningen University specifically concerning the job market. Various sources of information can be found here including an overview of internships, job vacancies, field trips, training programmes and seminars on themes, such as applying for a job and starting your own business.