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OxiZymes meeting 3 - 6 July 2016 in Wageningen, The Netherlands


OxiZymes has been established as a European platform for scientific discussions and exchange for research focusing on oxidoreductases. Earlier editions of the meeting were held in Cassis, Naples, Oeiras, Helsinki, Leipzig, Marseille and Vienna and were well attended by more than 150 participants from both industry and academia. The positive response on the former meetings has provided a strong incentive for a continuation of the event. With its setting in the ‘Food Valley’ in The Netherlands, Wageningen University will provide an inspiring background for this event albeit that the conference will not be restricted to food issues only.

The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate scientific discussion and interdisciplinary research on the mode of action of oxidoreductases and their application in food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for industrial researchers to meet with foremost young academics for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations. The conference format is designed to be highly interactive, with ample time for stimulating discussions, interdisciplinary interactions, and meetings alongside the scientific sessions.

Organising committee

Prof. Willem J.H. van Berkel, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Wageningen University
Prof. Marco W. Fraaije, Molecular Enzymology Group, University of Groningen
Dr Frank Hollmann, Department of Biotechnology, Biocatalysis Group, Technical University Delft
Dr Maurice Franssen, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Wageningen University
Dr Jean-Paul Vincken, Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Wageningen University
Dr Carmen Boeriu, Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen University and Research Centre
Dr Fré Pepping, The Graduate School VLAG, Wageningen University
Eva Oudshoorn-Gijsbertsen, MSc, The Graduate School VLAG, Wageningen University

The Graduate School VLAG
Ms. Eva Oudshoorn-Gijsbertsen
P.O. Box 17
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 317 485310

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