Adaptation Physiology Group

The Adaptation Physiology Group focuses on interdisciplinary research to improve and facilitate adaptation by development of robust animals in supportive environments.

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The group focusses on long term effects of early life conditions on adaptive capacity and facilitation of adaptation during critical transition periods.

Some examples current research topics are:

  • Trans generational insight in feather pecking in poultry
  • Sociable Swine: understanding how social interactions between animals contribute to health and welfare in pigs
  • Learning how to eat like a pig: how de piglets learn what, how and when to eat and consequences for weaning management
  • Why Dry: effects of shorting the dry period on health and welfare of cattle during early lacation
  • Incubation revisited: effects of incubation and early post incubation circumstances on health, welfare and productivity of broilers and layers
  • The lactation sow: effects of lactation performance of sows on subsequent reproduction and piglets development
  • Selection of poultry on natural antibodies: long term consequences on health
  • Effects of early nutrition on immune development of poultry

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