Courses of the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group

The Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre organises courses for BSc, MSc, and PhD students.

The academic year is divided into 6 periods, normally running from September to July. You can obtain a PDF on the specific courses and the interrelation among those courses here: Study Guide ABGC-Courses.

Study Handbook

The study handbook contains the official information concerning the study programmes, courses of Wageningen University.

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SSC-online is the portal for students where they can log on to register for subjects and exams, check study information, etc. Also important announcements are published on SSC-online.

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Wageningen University has divided the curriculum into 6 study and exam periods. The courses lectured in these periods can be found in the course scheduling and planning.

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Agenda of current year

The important dates of this academic year can be found at the page of the agenda and calendar.

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BSc textbook animal breeding and genetics available (click for webpage)

At the request of the Dutch Universities for Applied (Agricultural) Sciences a BSc textbook on animal breeding and genetics is made available on line by the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre.

It is written by two animal breeding scientists from Wageningen University and Research Centre: Kor Oldenbroek from the Centre for Genetic Resources the Netherlands and Liesbeth van der Waaij from the chairgroup Animal Breeding and Genetics. This textbook describes the subsequent steps of an animal breeding programme.