Marine Animal Ecology Group

Marine animal ecology (MAE) studies how marine animals adapt in response to a changing environment. Our research is focused on different organismal levels, from eco-physiology, early life-stage development, population genomics, up to whole ecological community responses. We subsequently apply our research to gain an understanding of the consequences of anthropogenic activities to ecosystem services and conservation management.

MAE Publications

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New student projects

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Would you like to do fieldwork on a remote tropical coral reef?

We have an exciting opportunity for MSc students with diving experience to work on the role of iron availability on reef resilience on Mo'orea, French Polynesia. Click here fore more info.


Are you interested in eco-morphological response to climate change scenarios?

We are looking for MSc students to work on morphological variability in marine lake mussel shells, by using micro CT scanning and digital imaging.
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Marine Lake Expeditions!
Marine Lake Expeditions!

Svalbard Expeditions!
Svalbard Expeditions!

The Marine Animal Ecology group (MAE) is part of the cluster Biology and Aquatic Resilience