Climate Adaptation Atlas - Earth System Science Group

The Climate Adaptation Atlas (CAA) discloses spatial information on climate change impacts to a wider audience.

The Atlas is a discussion/decision support tool and available at The easily accessible database - or geoportal – with an emphasis of visualizing information by means of GIS makes the information comprehensible for a wider public and allows local governments to work towards a climate-proof future.

The CAA has been developed for the Netherlands. It’s methodology has proven to be successful in supporting governments to develop adaptation strategies. This methodology can be applied internationally. Countries working on climate adaptation face the same problems: What is the impact? How can we adapt? How can I make information accessible for stakeholders and policy makers? Therefore, as a discussion/decision support tool the Climate Adaptation Atlas can be very attractive globally.

The atlas is being developed by a consortium consisting of knowledge institutes (Alterra-Wageningen UR, Deltares, KNMI, CAS foundation) and consultants (DHV Group, Geodan Next) in close collaboration with regional stakeholders and governments. The CAA contains information about projected impacts of regionalized climate change scenarios, including flooding, ecosystem shifts, urban heat island effect and agricultural production. The Atlas is successfully being applied in numerous workshops and design sessions with different groups of stakeholders.

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