The Bioinformatics group focuses on fundamental and applied bioinformatics research in the green life sciences. We develop and apply novel computational methods for the analysis and integration of –omics data. We teach bioinformatics and data analysis to students at the bachelor, master and PhD levels.

Courses & Thesis Projects

The Bioinformatics Group offers several courses and thesis projects.

Courses Thesis projects


Genome of a resurrection plant

Harm Nijveen and Eef Jonkheer contributed to a new paper (lead by the WU Plant Physiology group) on plant dessication tolerance, based on the high-quality whole-genome sequence of the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa.

New paper on PLETHORA regulatory network

Luca Santuari, along with Dick de Ridder and colleagues from the Plant Developmental Biology group, published a paper in The Plant Cell on the PLETHORA gene regulatory network, which guides growth and cell differentiation in Arabidopsis roots.

Crossover patterns in tomato unraveled

Sevgin published a paper in The Plant Journal on genomic distributions and characteristics of crossovers in tomato, through comparison with a wild relative

Indexing the Pseudomonas metabolome

In collaboration with the Dorrestein lab at UCSD, Xiaowen & Marnix contributed to a paper in Nature Microbiology on indexing the Pseudomonas metabolome. Combined metabolomic and genomic analysis lead to the identification of novel lipopeptides.

New minor Bioinformatics

Starting in the academic year 2016-2017, the Bioinformatics group will coordinate a new minor 'Bioinformatics', for BSc students throughout Wageningen University, as well as from other universities. More information will be available soon.


MSc thesis Oscar

Oscar Llorian Salvador successfully defended his thesis, entitled “Designing synthetic yeast promoters”, on Feb 9, 2017. Good work!

MSc Thesis Raquel

On Jan 26, 2017, Raquel Manzano successfully defended her thesis project entitled: “Current applications of Hi-C and their future in metagenomics”. Well done!

New PhD student: Victòria

In Jan 2017, Victòria Pascal Andreu started her PhD project on algorithms for biosynthetic pathway discovery in the human microbiome. Welcome, Victòria!

MSc Thesis Jianan

On Jan 12, 2017 Jianan Chen successfully defended his thesis project “Gene expression of the winter moth in different photoperiods and life stages”. Congratulations!

MSc Thesis Eef

Eef Jonkheer has finished his Bioinformatics thesis project “Hybrid de novo assembly and annotation of the Xerophyta viscosa and Castanospermum australe genomes” on Sept 22, 2016. Good job!

MSc Thesis Koen

On Sept 1, 2016, Koen Hoogendoorn defended his thesis “Evolution and diversity of biosynthetic gene clusters in Fusarium”. Congratulations!