Comparing day and night activity of ticks in the forest

Education at the Laboratory of Entomology

The laboratory of Entomology is involved in teaching to BSc, MSc, and PhD students. The BSc and MSc teaching relates mainly to the programmes of Biology and Plant Sciences, but also involves students in Animal Sciences, Biological Production Sciences, Molecular Sciences, Organic Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

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Course overview:

  • Biology and Management of Plant Pathogens, Insects and Weeds I (VIR-20306)
  • Biology and Management of Plant Pathogens, Insects and Weeds II (ENT-20306)
  • Basics of Infectious Diseases, their Transmission and Control (NEM-20806)
  • Molecular and Evolotionary Ecology (GEN-20306)
  • Population and Systems Ecology (CWE-22306)
  • Analysis of problems in organic agriculture (BFS-20306)
  • Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions (ENT-30306)
  • Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Biology of Insects (ENT-30806)
  • Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology (ENT-51306)
  • Insect-plant Interactions (ENT-50806)
  • Insects and Society (ENT-51803) (click here for the 2017 course)
  • Insects as food and feed (ENT-21306)
  • Cutting Edge Ecology (ENT-90303)
  • Insect Ecology and Conservation (ENT-53303)
  • Bachelor essay Biology (YBI-82906)
  • Molecular Aspects of Bio-interactions (PHP-30806)
  • Integrated Natural Resource Management in Organic Agriculture (SOQ-33306)
  • Analysis and Prevention of Health risks in the Tropics (ENT-50303)
  • Master seminar Biology (YBI-36803)
  • Master Biology Thesis proposal (YBI-37306)
  • Master Essay Biology (YBI-83318)
  • Research Orientation (YBI-82806)
  • Internship Entomology (ENT-704xx)
  • Thesis Entomology (ENT-804xx)

Entomology coordinates two BSc minors: