Genomica fokkerij


Conservation of genetic diversity is an insurance crucial to deal with future changes in production systems and circumstances.

In addition, breeds of Dutch origin are a valuable part of our cultural heritage. Genetic diversity can be either in situ (live) and ex situ (frozen) are maintained.

Parts of this work are:

  • Construction and management of gene bank collections
    The Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) conducts, on behalf of the Dutch government, statutory research tasks associated with the conservation of genetic diversity of species that are important for agriculture and forestry.
  • Research (genetics and cryobiology)
    The aim is to develop knowledge and methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of population management and storage of animal genetic resources.
  • Advice on genetic management of small populations
    Develop alternate (breeding) strategies for maintaining genetic diversity and sustainable development of varieties. Minimization of inbreeding and identify animals that are eligible for inclusion in the gene bank.