Genomica fokkerij

Breeding for improved resource efficiency

Improved feed efficiency of livestock reduces feed costs and emissions from animals.

Improved efficiency of livestock is of major importance for both the farmer, because he can then reduce his feed costs, and for the sector, because the environmental impact will be less because of lower emitting animals.

The ultimate aim is that in a couple of years the Dutch farmers can select sires that inherit offspring that is more efficient. Genetic improvement of livestock is a particularly cost-effective technology, producing permanent and cumulative changes in performance, and should therefore go hand in hand with daily nutritional improvements.

Wageningen U&R Animal Breeding and Genomics

Within the Wageningen U&R Animal Breeding and Genomics of Wageningen Livestock Research we have several projects, each addressing one aspect of this topic and financed by several partners (e.g., Productschap Zuivel, CRV (breeding company), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, AgentschapNL, EU, USDA, and others).