Copyright in teaching materials

Copyright agreements with publishers must be followed when publishing educational resources on Blackboard or in a reader. This page informs you about the university’s current copyright agreements. Contact us when you need more information on this topic.

Copyright agreement with Stichting Pro

Dutch universities (VSNU) and Stichting PRO have an agreement on using copyright protected material in readers and on BlackBoard. Articles and book chapters up to 50 pages, and not exceeding more than 1/3 of the entire book or journal issue, can be used without permission.

However, university policy requires instructors to provide hyperlinks to documents instead of using the full text when possible. This policy reduces the annual fee that the university must pay for copyrighted material. This fee is based on actual use. In short, the more instructors use full-text documents, the more the university must annually pay. In contrast, linking to copyrighted material is free of charge.

If you cannot use a link, try the following options first before using the full-text document:

  • Use Open Access publications with a Creative Commons license;
  • Use journal articles or reports written by Wageningen University & Research staff;
  • Use articles of publishers that allow use for education;
  • If using part of a book, contact the Library to find out whether an e-book version is available.

All these options have no financial consequences for the annual fee that the University has to pay.

Creative Commons license

A Creative Commons license provides a standard way for authors to grant permission for reuse of their materials. Each Creative Commons license allows you to copy, distribute, and display the work publicly. Publications or other works with these licenses can thus be used for campus tuition but also in MOOCs.

Publisher agreements on the use of copyrighted material in readers

The Library has several license contracts with publishers. Many of these contracts specify that articles or chapters may be included in printed or digital coarse readers without paying extra usage fees.
For articles, use the Verification tool of Radboud University to check if a publisher allows the article to be used in readers and/or to be posted as a PDF in Blackboard.
For book chapters, check the pdf below: