ICA2018 Research Conference

In 2018, the ICA Research Conference will be held in The Netherlands. In a cooperative effort, five Dutch universities and the Netherlands Cooperative Council (NCR) will organize this annual event for scholars, representatives of cooperatives and policy makers. The main theme of the research conference is: Cooperatives in a rapidly changing world: innovation in enterprise and community.

Organised by Wageningen Economic Research

Wed 4 July 2018 until Fri 6 July 2018

Venue Hof van Wageningen Conference Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Global trends like shifts in geo-politics, climate change, advances in ICT, and crises in democracy are presenting citizens and businesses with new challenges. How can cooperatives, at local, regional and international level respond to these challenges? What is the sustainability and resilience of the cooperative model? Can cooperatives re-invent themselves, given the new demands from members and other stakeholders?

Based on these developments and questions the conference will deal with a wide range of topics, including:

  • Strengthening member commitment
  • Innovations in internal governance
  • Resilience of the cooperative model
  • The future of democratic decision-making
  • Educating current and future leaders.

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