ERA course


Course for environmental risk assessment of plant protection products at MS and EU level

Are you looking for knowledge and skills how to apply existing guidance and new approaches in the risk assessment? And how to link fate and effects in the overall risk assessment? In the authorization of plant protection products the potential risks of active ingredients and products for the environment are assessed at EU and MS level using governmental guidance. This new course focuses on both fate and effects in two parallel modules and offers a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. At the beginning and the end of the program the course emphasizes on the linking of fate and effect in plenary sessions. This course is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding on fate and effects in the overall risk assessment.

Organised by Wageningen Academy, Wageningen Environmental Research
Date Tue 10 October 2017 until Thu 12 October 2017

The importance of environmental risk assessment knowledge

The governmental guidance regarding the authorization of plant protection products is regularly updated to keep pace with scientific developments. New guidance may lead to questions on how to apply these guidance properly and how to apply new approaches, for example higher tiers in the risk assessment. Highlights are the new guidance for aquatic organisms (EU), new tools for fate in surface waters (EU), greenhouse emissions in NL, leaching to groundwater (EU and NL) and approaches for countries with less detailed agro-environmental data (for example China, Ethiopia).

Program outline

In development.

Content and approach

This course offers a hands on training by the combination of lectures, exercises and discussions for both fate and effects and a common part on integration and linking of fate and effects assessments. Back home you can apply new knowledge and approaches straight away in your daily work.

Target audience

This course is aimed at people using guidance for the authorization of plant protection products:

- regulators who apply the guidance for their dossier evaluations; - consultants and business representatives  who apply the guidance for dossiers preparation and submission;-  scientists performing lower and higher tier fate and effect experimental and modelling research, applying the latest and newest available guidance.

Result and added value

After following module A, fate of plant protection products in the environment, you- are familiar with recent developments in guidance for fate of plant protection products in surface water, emissions from greenhouses and leaching to groundwater;- you understand the concepts behind fate models and are able to use these models for more complicated applications.

After following module B, effects of plant protections products on aquatic ecosystems, you -are familiar with the validity of the tiered approach in the aquatic effect assessment for pesticides with special reference to herbicides and fungicides; - have insight in the regulatory use of micro- and mesocosm studies in environmental risk assessment of pesticides.


ir. W. H. J. (Wim) Beltman, Wageningen Environmental Research
dr. G. H. P. (Gertie) Arts, Wageningen Environmental Research