Urban agriculture


Urban agriculture

In this dossier you can find news, backgrounds and results of our research on Urban agriculture. Urban agriculture can take many forms. From small-scale allotment gardens to intensive, industrial production units and from gardening on rooftops to peri-urban multifunctional farms. Every appearance deserves its own place in the city. Urban agriculture can conribute in various ways (people, planet, profit) to a sustainable city, and possibly reduce the urban footprint.

Wageningen University & Research aims to contribute to the development of urban agriculture in a number of ways:

  • By designing and researching new concepts for urban land use;
  • Byworking with stakeholders to develop concepts into tangible initiatives;
  • By connecting (the initiatives of) community and public organisations with citizens and business owners;
  • By planning to create space for urban agriculture (both in spatial planning and in legal structures);
  • By evaluating in order to learn from successes and challenges and to be able to advise policy makers and business partners.

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