Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security (CSD&FS)

Our mission

The Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security (CSD&FS) seeks to accelerate sustainable global food security by facilitating and linking ground-breaking forms of research, education and societal engagement.

What do we do?

We initiate, connect and support innovative research, education and societal engagement in food-related challenges. We connect and strengthen networks and initiatives that work in the same vein as the centre but are presently operating in relative isolation, lacking synergy and mutual learning. We develop, support and share exemplary sustainable food security practices. We create an international platform for trans- interdisciplinary research on sustainable food security.

How do we do this?

By creating a space both virtual and real where people working on sustainable food security can be inspired, challenged and connected. By providing a window to sustainable food security for a range of stakeholders from outside and within Wageningen University & Research centre (Wageningen UR). By becoming a key innovation node in the international food security landscape by participating in and organizing networks and Centre’s of Excellence.

Our perspective

The Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security:

  • considers food security broadly to include issues related to food production, availability, access, safety, nutrition, consumption, waste, equity, health and enjoyment;
  • promotes trans- and interdisciplinary perspectives to include social, ecological, economic, environmental and ethical aspects of food;
  • believes that a sustainable development perspective requires that different spatial (local to global) and temporal (past-present-future) scales need to be considered when seeking to address food security challenges;
  • finds that cutting edge approaches involving boundary crossing between sectors, disciplines, values and interests, requiring dialogue, interaction, reflection and the transformation of prevailing unsustainable practices are urgently needed.

How are we connected to CDI?

The Centre for Sustainable Development & Food Security (CSD&FS) is hosted by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), with a mandate from the Netherlands' Ministry of Economic Affairs and Wageningen UR's Executive Board to accelerate sustainable global food security.


We collaborate with a number of associates and partner organisations, including the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI). GCFSI is a development lab funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Higher Education Solutions Program with academic partners from US, Africa, Asia and Europe. Through the support of Wageningen University, GCFSI strives to develop a global innovation network among universities, farmers, businesses, NGOs, civil society organizations and policy-makers that: facilitates social learning to seek the most important questions for research and education and the most meaningful actions to take; stimulates science-based innovations that tackle complex global development challenges and lead to system transformations; and promotes local forms of entrepreneurship and institutional change in developing countries and emerging economies. More information.