Growing our future food: crops

Contributing to public awareness on global food security, CSD&FS is involved in developing one of the first MOOC's (Massive Online Open Cources) at WageningenUR, entitled "Growing our future food: crops". How to feed the world without exhausting planetary reserves? 

During the first edition early this year nearly 10,000 students from over 165 countries have taken this course. Join them for the rerun on June 15th 2015 and enroll now for free to understand the basics of crop production and explore the opportunities. Follow the latest development on facebook or twitter.


A Visual Introduction to Global Food Security

A user-friendly webBook that visualises agricultural production and its underlying bio-physical principles. The tool provides quantitative understanding of opportunities to increase agricultural production, to secure supply for future needs. It reveals to which extent resources use can be considered sustainable, and whether biodiversity becomes compromised. Socio-economic considerations are included as well. More information.

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Empowerment for Sustainability (course)

Even though the policy agenda, the scientific community including Nobel laureates, and the media promote and talk about sustainability, we are witnessing little societal and environmental change. Apparently, we still need to learn to walk the talk of sustainability. The course Empowerment for Sustainability aims to inspire and equip students to do just that – walk the talk of sustainability. More information.

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