Short courses CDI

We offer a wide range of courses which will help you to develop the capacities, leadership qualities needed to be creative, adaptive and responsive to the dynamics of a rapidly changing world. In our courses we connect WUR’s technical and scientific expertise with cutting-edge processes of innovation and learning.

Wageningen UR is recognised as a world-leader in research and education  in the domains of healthy living environments, safe and secure food, and sustainable value chains. Taking part in one of CDI’s courses can connect you directly to this expertise, whether you are a development practitioner, an entrepreneur, or a policy-maker We offer a rich mixture of state-of-the-art theoretical insights and practical experiences of working in interdisciplinary projects and through our networks and professional interactions with scientists, policy-makers, civil society and entrepreneurs. Our highly interactive training methods stimulate you to reflect and share  your experiences to generate new insights. Our courses build directly on the experience and expertise of our staff across 6 programmes: adaptive agriculture; conflict, disaster and reconstruction; ecosystem governance; innovation and change; secure and healthy food; and sustainable markets.

Why not join one of our courses to widen your horizons, learn alongside others in your field, update your knowledge on current scientific insights, methodologies and practices, and become part of our network of over 20 000 alumni?

Below you can download the course calender:

Course calender 2016 - 2017 (PDF 3 MB)

Course calender 2015 - 2016 (new 3 MB)