Products & Facilities

The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen Plant Research provides a wide range of products and services to growers, consultants, and suppliers. Some of these products and services are available at no charge.

These include free downloadable software packages which support decision-making relating to greenhouse climate regulation, energy savings, or crop protection.


The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture also offers various services, including:

    • Adaptive greenhouse design: greenhouse designs which are adapted to the regional conditions, anywhere in the world
    • Continuity tests on and/or evaluations of the quality and suitability of greenhouse roofing and screening materials
    • Determining the characteristics of cultivation substrate
    • Taste research: special tools and taste panels (including a children's panel) so vegetable and fruit breeders and other food chain parties can test new products
    • Sensor development and vision application for industrial production processes