Imagine a supermarket in which all barcodes have disappeared. There would be 30,000 different products with no easy means of recognition. Would it be possible to reliably identify the products using an automated checkout? ITAB and Food & Biobased Research prove that this is possible by introducing the EasyFlow.

Every supermarket, and in fact every retailer, needs a reliable and customer-friendly way of charging their clients for the selected articles in their shopping cart. ITAB is Europe’s market leader for checkouts, delivering in excess of 20,000 units per year to its customers. To continue ITAB’s innovative approach to the check out world, ITAB and Food & Biobased Research have developed the MatchXTM technology that enables ITAB’s EasyFlow.

EasyFlow van ITAB

Digital fingerprint

ITAB’s EasyFlow is the first automated checkout with 99% accurate barcode-free product identification. This result is achieved due to the intelligent software that calculates a “digital fingerprint” for each product. This fingerprint is created by combining weight, shape, volume, colour and absorption spectra of the article in a sophisticated statistical network. In this way, MatchX™ technology identifies the product itself rather than simply relying on fraud-sensitive barcodes.

MatchX™ technology can also be used in other applications. We can help our customers to efficiently identify or classify their products by creating “digital fingerprints” with a minimum amount of product information.