Wageningen UR is the initiator of PhenomicsNL, the national platform of Dutch research institutes, universities and industry focused on the development and use of plant phenotyping technologies and facilities.

Research facilities


To gain significant progress in improving the quality and yield of crops, we need to understand and exploit the genotype and the phenotype of plants. Within Wageningen UR several departments work closely together on plant phenotyping. In this way we bundle all existing knowledge, experience and track record and share it amongst Wageningen UR researchers and the outside world.

Wageningen UR participates in IPPN (the International Plant Phenotyping Network) coordinated by Forschungszentrum J├╝lich. This approach will lead to a better understanding of new varieties with an increased  and more stable yield with a smaller foot print. This will contribute to a stronger position of an already economically important and high-valued sector.

Participating research groups

Within Wageningen UR, there are many groups participating in the national PhenomicsNL platform. They are presented in the Wageningen UR - Phenomics presentation, as well as on the page on Phenomics research groups