Wageningen Soil Conference 2017

Soil Science in a Changing World
August 27 - 31, 2017

Wageningen University & Research invites you to participate in the third edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference, to discuss novel insights in (applied) soil science, to identify further actions for soil-based solutions that help achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to initiate programs that aim at a lasting increase in soil organic carbon, and to develop narratives on soil-based solutions that are convincing to policy makers and other stakeholders.

Abstract Submission/Registration: open

Extended abstract submission deadline: 3 April - You are welcome to submit your abstract on the Abstract Submission webpage. You can register for WSC 2017 on the Registration page.

We will address our topics in a dynamic way, by top key-note speeches, challenging debates as well as oral and poster presentations by participants. The themes of the third Wageningen Soil Conference will be:
- Governance and Policy - Climate Change - Food Security -
- Water Resources - Biodiversity - Land Functions

Second Circular WSC 2017

Important news and dates

  • Abstract submission: OPEN
  • Deadline call for abstracts: 3 April, 2017
  • Registration: OPEN

Results WSC 2015: special issue SOIL

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