Open Education Week Wageningen


Finding Open Content for My Courses - Open Education Week

Open content is online material that can be freely used in your courses and adapted to your needs. This material can be images, movies, journal articles, books, assignments, or whole courses. In this workshop, we explain how to recognise and find open content.

Organised by WUR Library
Date Mon 27 March 2017
Time 15:30 to 16:30
Venue Forum, building number 102
Room Room 031+034 (Conference room, behind the shop on the ground floor)

The workshop

This workshop is organised by Marianne Renkema and Marian van Harmelen of the WUR-Library. Please bring your laptop with you!

For who?

For all who are involved in teaching and creating educational material. Participants who are not affiliated with WUR are also welcome.

Sign up now! Maximum number of participants is 25.
Sign up in advance by sending a mail to:

Open Education Week

Open Education Week’s goal is to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere, right now. We want to highlight how open education can help people meet their goals in education, whether that’s to develop skills and knowledge for work, supporting formal studies, learning something new for personal interest, or looking for additional teaching resources.

Open Education

Open Education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.

Open Education combines the traditions of knowledge sharing and creation with 21st-century technology to create a vast pool of openly shared educational resources, while harnessing today’s collaborative spirit to develop educational approaches that are more responsive to learner’s needs.

The idea of free and open sharing in education is not new. In fact, sharing is probably the most basic characteristic of education: education is sharing knowledge, insights and information with others, upon which new knowledge, skills, ideas and understanding can be built.

Open Education seeks to scale up educational opportunities by taking advantage of the power of the internet, allowing rapid and essentially free dissemination, and enabling people around the world to access knowledge, connect and collaborate.

Open is key; open allows not just access, but the freedom to modify and use materials, information and networks so education can be personalised to individual users or woven together in new ways for diverse audiences, large and small.