MARVIN; high speed inspection of plants

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research and Flier Systems B.V. developed a machine for accurate and objective seedling evaluation.

Every crop has its peak season. These seasons are a very busy period for your company. Plants need to be sorted by quality, but there are too many plants for your permanent employees to handle. So untrained temporary personnel are hired in, but this can lead to quality problems.

How can you ensure that you deliver a product of impeccable quality and keep your customers happy?

3D computer vision

Food & Biobased Research and Flier Systems B.V. developed the multi-use MARVIN machine. MARVIN provides robust and objective seedling evaluation, which is just as accurate as a human expert. The machine uses ten cameras to create 3D images of as many as 19.500 plants per hour and can operate around the clock. In this way more than 400.000 plants per day are meticulously inspected and sorted. The development of MARVIN was commissioned by a broad consortium of Dutch plant breeders and seed suppliers.

MARVIN technology

The MARVIN technology lets you examine your product in more detail than ever before. Our expertise in rapidly and accurately developing a complete model of the product allows us to successfully analyse shape features. We can combine this with features measurable by colour, x-ray, chlorophyll or near-infrared (NIR) sensors. By doing so the quality of your product can be objectively determined and automatically be sorted.

See the MARVIN machine in action.