Biorefining Training school


Biorefining training school

Biorefining is the sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of marketable Biobased Products (food, feed, materials, chemicals) and Bioenergy (fuels, power and/or heat). This industry will underpin the foreseen transition towards a more Bio Economy, which will rely on plant-derived Biomass feedstocks rather than fossil resources. The development of biorefinery-based sustainable value chains relies on the smart integration and deployment of technologies that are associated with a wide range of scientific disciplines. Therefore, increasingly individual actors involved in the area of biorefining need to possess both basic knowledge of the full chain composing biorefinery processes and understand the legislative and societal drivers for biorefinery deployment.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
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Training by Top European Experts

The aim of the training school is to offer a novel educational opportunity, which will address important biorefinery-associated issues and provide the trainee with a state of the art view of this emerging field. The course will be taught by top-level European specialists, active in R&D and industry.

Set-up Training School

Part I – Days 1 and 2 of the curriculum will offer an overview of biorefinery concepts and will include an on-site, commentated visit of state of the art pilot and industrial facilities. This introduction will provide an ideal opportunity for a wide public, including PhD students, researchers and policy makers to become acquainted with the fundamentals in biorefining and to learn more about the current status quo, notably in Europe.

Part II – Days 3 and 4 of the curriculum will take the trainee further along the learning path, providing high level information on the underpinning technologies. Starting with a series of lectures delivered by European experts, this part of the course will be completed by in-depth 3-hour training modules. By choosing a maximum of two modules a day, trainees will have the opportunity to come into closer contact with certain aspects of biorefinery technologies and to discuss these technologies with course faculty members in a more intimate learning environment.

Who should attend this school?

Young researchers, public and private R&D or industry personnel and policy makers The course will be at graduate level and thus suitable for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers who have an interest in biorefining. However, the course’s modular nature also makes it suitable for policy makers and qualified personnel from companies who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of biorefining. For those who simply wish to procure an overview in biorefining, it will be possible to opt for the shorter 2-day formula. Post-graduate and postdoctoral researchers are strongly advised to opt for the 4-day course. For following the complete training module 1 ECTS credit will be gained; including a poster presentation will be awarded with 1 additional ECTS credit (via VLAG doctoral school).


Course fees 4-day course (Short 2-day option)
Full rate € 1400,- (€ 950,-)
PhD student rate € 950,- (€ 750,-)

If you share a hotel room with colleague, the fee is 100 euro less for the 4 days program. Contact for more information.