Food & Agribusiness seminar -2017 edition


Food & Agribusiness seminar -2017 edition

3-Day seminar, Zurich. The global agribusiness industry is tasked with providing the global human population each day with all the food it needs. On a planet of limited resources, and with a growing population, meeting this challenge requires ingenuity, innovation and cooperation among the industry’s leaders on an ever more intensive scale. In this program, you will meet and exchange with your peers from the agribusiness industry. You will discuss their real-life business cases and their current strategic challenges. You will be inspired by their solutions, and you will inspire them with your contributions.

Organised by Zurich Institute of Business Education & Wageningen Academy

Sun 18 June 2017 until Tue 20 June 2017

Venue Zurich

Seminar program

This program is not a conference—it is a business seminar. We will present and discuss with you eight real-life business cases,´based on the experiences of pioneering changemakers in the industry. You will step into the shoes of the CEO and face his or her current foremost strategic challenge. The actual CEO is present during these discussions. The business case studies presented are created and prepared exclusively for this program.

Target audience

The program is designed for experienced leaders in all sectors of the global food and agribusiness industry. The entire value chain from grass to glass, from farm to fork and from all continents is represented. Participants are professionals who create progress, and who understand their responsibility for advancing the agribusiness industry to meet its challenges.

Business cases information

*The four other business cases are not yet available.

More information

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For your interest or questions in participating in the seminar, please contact the organizer at:

Sanne van Deursen

Carol Fuzzard