Availability of high-quality, sustainably produced and affordable proteins is a major challenge in the upcoming decades. It will force agrifood industry, policy makers and consumers to make tough choices in all parts of the world. Wageningen University & Research - with its broad array of protein expertise and capabilities – will increase its joint effort to take up this societal, commercial and scientific challenge as one of the key focus areas for the coming years.

Customised Protein Nutrition

This academic research program delivers more insight in relationships between protein origin, processing, digestibility and health effects. Results are highly relevant for the quality of life of both humans and several production animals in various life stages. 12 PhD students work in projects on process and product development, immune and gut function, and customisation to end-users.  

Protein Competence Centre

This network organisation was founded in 2014 as a public private partnership in which 7 food, feed and ingredient companies and 6 knowledge institutes in The Netherlands join forces in their strategic protein R&D agenda.