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Restaurant of the Future

Everything involving the Restaurant of the Future is unique.

It is the only environment of its kind where scientists can observe restaurant patrons in conditioned situations over a prolonged period of time. This research may include behaviour, food choice, design and layout, the influence of lighting, presentation, traffic flow, taste, packing, preparation and countless other aspects involving out-of-home eating and drinking.


The Restaurant of the Future comprises two parts:

  1. A company restaurant
    The company restaurant is open to the general public, on the condition that all visitors are registered.
    During registration, the visitor agrees to being observed closely cameras.
    Camera setup can be adjusted to satisfy nearly any requirement.
    Even environmental aspects such as colour and lighting can be manipulated for research purposes.
  2. A sensory consumer research lab
    The sensory consumer research lab can be used by companies to assess their products under various circumstances, such as smell, colour and taste.

The Restaurant of the Future is a cooperation between scientists of Wageningen UR, catering company Sodexo, Noldus software developers, and professional kitchen supplier Kampri Group. Sodexo provides catering know-how and personnel. The Noldus software registers the behaviour of guests, while Kampri Group supplies kitchen equipment. A unique blend which will ensure unique results!