Travel directions to all Wageningen University & Research buildings

Looking for the address of a building in Wageningen? Do you need directions to one of our many locations in the Netherlands? This page contains an overview with links to the contact pages and directions to all our buildings.

All Wageningen University & Research buildings have an unique number. On the main roads in Wageningen you will find signs which will direct you to different clusters of buildings (for example, building numbers 100-200). Within the various clusters, routes to the individual buildings are shown.


Parking at Wageningen Campus

On campus in Wageningen is ample parking within walking distance of the buildings. Near the buildings there are few parking spaces for the disabled and other groups.
This maps of the campus shows the right building and the nearest parking.

Locations in Wageningen

Name Building number Organisation
Actio 116 Facilities & Services
Agrotechnion 309 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Atlas 104 Administration centre, Alterra, WU Environmental Sciences, Science Shop, Education Institute, Wageningen International
Axis 118 Food and Biobased Research, WU Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Auditorium 362 Wageningen University
Biotechnion 307 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Carus 120 Animal Sciences Group
Chemistry building 316 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Clock House 351 Student groups
Computechnion 313 Servicedesk IT
De Valk 304 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Droevendaal 114 Biologisch Proef- en Leerbedrijf ‘Droevendaal’
Forum 102 Wageningen University, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
Futurum 115 Impulse, Restaurant of the Future, Food and Biobased Research, StartLife, KLV, KLV Professional Match
Gaia 101 Alterra, WU Environmental Sciences, WOT Nature and Environment
Helix 124
IMPULSE 115 Impulse
Innovatron 121 Ontwikkelwerkplaats
Leeuwenborch 201 Social Sciences
Lumen 100 Alterra, WU Environmental Sciences
Mathematics building 308 Wageningen University
Nergena 112 Unifarm, AlgaePARC, Wepal
Nexus 117 Resource/ Wageningen World, Communication Services, Occupational Social Workers, Student Psychologists, Confidant, International Advice & Support, Regional IT team (temporary)
Orion 103 Wageningen University, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
Radix Serre, Klima and Argos 109 Plant Sciences Group
Radix 107 Plant Sciences Group, Plantenwetenschappen, Plant Research International, Glastuinbouw, Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving, Wageningen Academy, Centre for Development Innovation, Social Sciences
Sport Centre de Bongerd 130 Sport Centre de Bongerd, Thymos
Toxicology 320 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Transitorium 312 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Triton 119 Livestock Research
Vitae 123 RIKILT, NVWA
Zodiac 122 Livestock Research, Animal Sciences

Locations outside Wageningen

Name Location Organisation
Dairy Campus Leeuwarden Livestock Research
De Marke Hengelo Gld. Livestock Research
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research Lelystad Central Veterinary Institute
IMARES Den Helder, Ankerpark Den Helder IMARES
IMARES Yerseke Yerseke IMARES
LEI Alkmaar Alkmaar LEI
LEI Assen Assen LEI
LEI Dalfsen Dalfsen LEI
LEI Den Haag Den Haag LEI
LEI Goes Goes LEI
LEI Haaksbergen Haaksbergen LEI
LEI Huissen Huissen LEI
LEI Leeuwarden Leeuwarden LEI
LEI Meijel Meijel LEI
LEI Oisterwijk Oisterwijk LEI
Livestock Research Lelystad Lelystad Livestock Research
PPO Lelystad Lelystad Applied Plant Research
PPO Lisse Lisse Applied Plant Research
PPO Marwijksoord Marwijksoord Applied Plant Research
PPO Nagele Nagele Applied Plant Research
PPO Randwijk Randwijk Applied Plant Research
PPO Valthermond Valthermond Applied Plant Research
PPO Vredepeel Vredepeel Applied Plant Research
PPO Westmaas Westmaas Applied Plant Research
Sinderhoeve Renkum Environmental Sciences Group
VIC Sterksel Sterksel Pig Innovation Centre, Livestock Research
Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture Bleiswijk Bleiswijk Greenhouse Horticulture

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