Corporate HR Health

Preventive courses directed to work stress

For staff and students, work pressure can lead to serious problems with work stress. Whether or not someone who is exposed to pressure will also have problems with work stress depends, among other things, on their personal capacity to deal with the pressure. Of course, the causes of work pressure and the resulting work stress must first be eliminated. In a preventative sense, however, it can also be useful to offer staff and students the opportunity to increase their capacity to handle pressure. Therefore Corporate Human Resources offers the courses that you find below. For more information and subscription click on the link of the course of your choice.:
Yoga and Health
Breath, Relax & Stretch
Move from Stress to Flow
Mental coaching
Bewust Beter Bewegen
Kracht 40+
Core Fit
Nutrition and Sport Consult
'Move Better' - Back, Arms, Neck and Shoulders
Mindful moving

N.B. Not all courses are available throughout the year.

Besides SCB offers you a once a month a fysiotherapist consult of 15 minutes. To register here you need sports rights.

Prerequisite for joining is that you have to have the right to sport at the Bongerd. The courses will last for 10 weeks and the cost for sport rights are € 20,- per month. Therefore the cost will be 3 times € 20,-.

A beautiful chance to do something about your situation yourself: the most beautiful you can become is yourself!