Student Career Services

Student Career Services Wageningen University & Research is a new initiative and it provides a platform for students and organisations. Our goal is to prepare the students for the transition from education towards the labour market to the max, and to give employers an entrance to find the best new employees for their business.

We have excellent students in the domain of society and well-being, food, feed and biobased production, natural resources and living environment. Graduates of Wageningen University distinguish themselves through their knowledge combined with a practical approach, good language skills and organisational talent.

The Student Career Services functions as an umbrella organisation were students can find information about the career activities that are offered on Campus, by associations and organisations affiliated with Wageningen University & Research. We will provide information about the steps to take to find a job, a traineeship or an internship. And we will provide labour market information. To achieve this we work together with the University Fund Wageningen, our study associations and other associations and institutes in the field of career services.

The Student Career Services team also gives advice and support in organizing activities to connect students and organisations. After all, we want our students to find the best job and organisation that matches their talents and wishes and we want organisations to have talented persons to build their human capital.

The activities of Student Career Services will be for example:

  • The yearly Career Day at the begin of February
  • CV checks, check motivation letter, LinkedIn profile; every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch
  • Talk & Toast Career Events
  • Tailor made events for employers
  • Coaching Cafe XL

Information on activities

As from 25th of April we will start with the CV, motivation letter and LinkedIn profile checks. This activity is in cooperation with AIESEC, Integrand, Licere and the corporate HR staff department of Wageningen University & Research.

Location: Forum room 019 (ground floor, behind the reception)
Time: 12.30 - 13.30 (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Sign up: Please register on the form on the window of room 019.
Note: Bring your concepts as hard copies with you. It is for free.

More information about date, time and location of activities will follow.