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MetAlign is software voor het voorbewerken en vergelijken van data verkregen uit LC- en GC massaspectrometrie. MetAlign is ontwikkeld door RIKILT in nauwe samenwerking met Plant Research International. De rest van de informatie over MetAlign is in het Engels.

MetAlign is a software programme for the pre-processing and comparison of full scan nominal or accurate mass LC-MS and GC-MS data.

MetAlign was designed and written by Arjen Lommen of RIKILT Wageningen UR. Recently the algorithms behind MetAlign were published in Analytical Chemistry. It has been extensively tested in collaboration with Plant Research International.

MetAlignTM is a powerful computer software tool running under Windows (W7 64 bit, W7 32 bit, XP, NT, 2000) for the analysis, alignment and comparison of full-scan Mass Spectrometry datasets.

Recent publications

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