INF-65000 Computer Literacy

Target group

The content of this course is included in many first year’s bachelor courses.
This specific MOS module is intended for international students only. This module is certainly not to be chosen by students with a Wageningen Bachelor diploma. See als information on the MOS-modules at YMC-60300.

General description:

The modular skills training teaches skills that are necessary for graduates to function in jobs at MSc level. In consultation with the MSc study advisor an assessment is made on which skills (competences) are already mastered and which are necessary to develop (more). Based on this, you (the student) selects a number of modules to a total of 3 credit points (for 6 credit points see YMC-60400).

It is important for students to reach an agreement with their study adviser about which modules to follow, at a very early stage of the MSc study. Once you both agreed on which modules to take, you should register as soon as possible at SSC online.

In the MOS set up we make a distinction between three categories of modules:

  1. the first category consists of refresher modules to meet the competences, required at WU - BSc graduation
  2. the second category consists of academic skills at master level
  3. the third category consists of modules offering additional skills training, useful for your professional careers

INF-65000 is a first category module, so you can only follow this module after consultation with your study advisor.

Benefit for students

After this course, you can use Office software effective and efficient.

Assumed prerequisite knowledge

No explicit prerequisite knowledge is required.