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Introduction to EM-SANF

"Twice the food production at half the ecological footprint” by 2050 is a target requiring highly skilled academics at feed companies, governmental departments and educational institutions.

This unique joint MSc course on Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding (EM-SANF) will decrease the shortage of academics in this field by educating third country and European students a state of the art, 2-years master's course in the feeding and nutrition of food producing animals with a multidisciplinary approach towards productivity, animal health and welfare and environmental aspects.

The aim of the MSc course aligns closely to achieving a second, double green revolution in the newly emerging and complex concept of sustainable animal production. It brings together four European Higher Education Institutes from France, Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands with additional support of industrial and institutional partners worldwide.

The EM-SANF is an international - European - course with links connected to international feed companies and to capacity building in developing countries.  It facilitates an international, intercultural setting and supports students to work with scientists and specialists at global research facilities.