Agri-demo Belgorod.

The target group are Dutch livestock (dairy) companies and knowledge institutes willing to invest in building a position and improving Holland branding in Russian Federation, and in particular in the Belgorod region.

Aim(s) of the project

  • Get better insights into livestock (dairy) supply chain in the Belgorod region
  • Examine the possibilities for better performance of the livestock (dairy) sector
  • Formulate suggestions for an improvement livestock (dairy) program
  • Determine the organizational setting, partnerships and business model for the potential joint project


  • The Business Model CANVAS is used for analysing both the “start-up” and “end-project” situations
  • One week for a quick scan of the Belgorod region and preparation for the mission
  • 2 intermediate visits of the Russian partners to the Netherlands for demand articulation
  • One week mission to the Belgorod region, visiting farms of the identified agro-holdings and interviews with decision-makers at the levels of agro-holdings, investors (Corporation “Razvitie” JSC), government and the ministry (Department of Agro-Industrial Complex), knowledge institutes (Belgorod State Agricultural Academy)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Findings are used for developing Dairy business model in Belgorod


Dairy business model in Belgorod identifies the strategic perspectives of business & knowledge cooperation between livestock companies, governments and knowledge institutes of Belgorod region (Russian Federation) and the Netherlands. The project also describes business opportunities for NL processors to produce cheese in the Belgorod region. The outcomes will be used to design the proposal for the follow up project, with the potential interest from a large Dutch dairy processing company in investing in cheese production in the Belgorod region; and Dutch (dairy) companies (along the entire supply chain) & knowledge institutes would therefore be able to join such an initiative in order to guarantee the high-quality milk supply.


  1. A report in the form of Power Point Presentation (as it was requested) describing the dairy business model in the Belgorod region, Russia: Background; Rationale behind choice of Belgorod region; Description of the project; Interviews; Points for consideration; SWOT analysis; Dairy ambitions of the Belgorod government; Knowledge required by dairy sector & business; Dairy business model in Belgorod.
  2. Other potential business leads
  3. Presentations of the report:
  • At the meetings: Intermediate and final Seed Money Projects evaluation by Top Team A&F International (Wageningen, November 4 and December 16, 2013)
  • At the annual meeting of the Foundation Dutch Russian Livestock , consortium of more than 20 Dutch companies operating in Russia (Lelystad, 13 December, 2013). This Seed Money Project was carried out in collaboration with this consortium.