RichWaterWorld - Climate Proof Water Management in green transition zones between urban and rural areas

Green transition zones between urban and rural areas have potential for climate adaptation strategies. The project RichWaterWorld explores the possibilities for an innovative climate proof water management concept in Park Lingezegen between Arnhem and Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

Various national studies indicate that as a result of climate change the risk of extreme storms and periods of drought increase. This requires innovative solutions to use excess water to preserve and display in periods of scarcity. Improving the water quality of the salvaged water is of great importance for the re-use of it.

The combination of water storage of after extreme precipitation in built-up area and water conservation for use in dry times often proves to be difficult to achieve. The project RichWaterWorld aims to explore and to measure in practice if and  how this combination of water storage and water conservation is still possible. This is being investigated by linking meteorological and hydrological data to  forecasting models and advanced sensor technology in soils and water systems. If this proves to be successfull this will be a basis for incorporating adaptation strategies in operational water management.


In Park Lingezegen between Arnhem and Nijmegen this climate proof concept is developed and tested. Combining water storage, water conservation, natural water purification and the production of green energy makes this approach innovative.

Further application possibilities?

This concept provides knowledge for green climate solutions in urban areas.

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