Research on food safety

Wageningen Food Safety Research determines the molecular composition of food products.

Based on the substances present, we can provide information regarding the safety and quality of the food. We can also determine the authenticity and origin of products. For example, we can evaluate if an egg is organic. We carry out research into the biological effects, both positive and negative, of substances and contaminants in food and feed as well. In doing so, we identify and evaluate potential safety and quality issues. In addition, we are specialised in tracking and tracing natural toxins and evaluating the safety of genetically modified food.

Food chain

Wageningen Food Safety Research also critically examines safety issues in the food chain. How do potentially harmful substances behave in the food chain? To what extent will contaminants in feed end up in food? What effects will climate change and increasing international trade have on food safety? We identify and provide information with regard to new potential risks in the food/production chain. Via carry over studies and models, we attempt to harmonise standards and identify possible new risks.