100 trees for 100 years Wageningen University & Research was an idea from a Wageningen alumnus. Trees are being planted worldwide to create a forest of UniversiTREES. The forest symbolically represents the international connection to Wageningen.
The tree chosen is always a slow-growing species which can live to be very old and which fits into the specific environment. The UniversiTREES will collectively form a lasting reminder of 100 years WUR.

Plant your own UniversiTREE

Are you interested in planting your own UniversiTREE and do you have an idea for an event related to Wageningen University & Research and it's 100th anniversary? Please share your ideas and motivation for your own UniversiTREE, or for more information contact us via alumni@wur.nl. This project is open till the Dies Natalis on March 9th, 2019.