Profile of Erik Poelman

Erik Poelman obtained his MSc degree in biology at Wageningen University in 2003 studying ecology and evolution of vertebrates. He worked on space use in roe deer, reproductive strategies of poison frogs and parent-offspring conflicts in birds. In the first half of 2004 Erik worked as a teaching-assistant of evolutionary ecology at the University of Utrecht. In June of 2004, he started his PhD in the group of Prof. Marcel Dicke and Dr. Joop van Loon at the Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University, in collaboration with Prof. Louise Vet and Prof. Nicole van Dam at NIOO. His study addressed whether and how intraspecific variation in defence mechanisms of plants affects biodiversity of insects. In October 2008, Erik defended his PhD dissertation with distinction (cum laude) and received the Hugo de Vries award for his thesis. He received an NWO-ALW grant to continue as a post-doc at the Laboratory of Entomology to work on indirect plant-mediated interactions among parasitic wasps. In 2010, he was awarded a Veni grant (NWO-ALW) to start a research program on plant fitness consequence of plant-mediated community structure. In 2011, Erik received an Assistant Professorship in a Tenure Track at the Laboratory of Entomology and is currently developing his research group focusing on i) fitness consequence of plant mediated community structure, ii) plant-mediated competition between parasitoid wasps, iii) ecogenomics of indirect plant-mediated interactions in food webs up to the fourth trophic level. Besides science, Erik enjoys keeping a large collection of poison frogs and is editor of a full color magazine for the Dutch society of poison frog hobbyists.