Profile of Joost Keurentjes

Joost Keurentjes was trained in plant biotechnology at IAHL, Velp after which he held several positions in both academic and industrial environments before he started his PhD at Wageningen University in 2002. He earned his PhD with distinction in the labs of Genetics and Plant Physiology headed by Maarten Koornneef and Linus van der Plas, respectively. His work on the genetic regulation of quantitative traits and the underlying molecular mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana was acknowledged by receiving the Wageningen Research Award, a VENI Research Incentive and a Horizon Breakthrough Project in 2008. He entered the Wageningen tenure track as an assistant professor in 2011 and currently holds a staff position at the laboratory of Genetics. Joost is involved in a number of research initiatives (e.g. EPS, CBSG, WCSB, CIPY) and accepted an honorary status as a visiting fellow at the Australian National University in 2012 after receiving an NWO-NGI Distinguished Young Scientist Fellowship. His research group focuses on the use and development of genetic resources to understand the mechanistic basis of plant development and performance. Outside office hours you can find him cycling or running in the woods along the Veluwezoom or at home in his workshop renovating his early 20th century house.