XSeries: Sustainable Tourism

Do you want to learn how to implement insights from various tourism disciplines to current developments in the industry? In the XSeries Sustainable Tourism you will gain the skills and knowledge to rethink current tourism developments and reimagine practices to build alternative futures. Expand your knowledge about the fastest growing industry in the world!

The societal importance of the tourism phenomenon has grown significantly in recent decades. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism represents over 9% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for nearly 8% of global employment. But tourism is more than just a powerful economic force. It is also closely linked to major global changes in culture, politics, technology and the environment. It affects the quality of life and well-being of individuals and regions and plays an important role in community, regional and urban development.

In this program, you will learn about the developments in tourism and the interrelationships between tourism, the economy, society and the environment.

What you will learn in this XSeries

  • Understand tourism as a social and environmental complex phenomenon
  • Gain an overview of global tourism development
  • Learn about the latest tourism developments across the world
  • Become part of ongoing dialogues on developments for the future of tourism

Content of the XSeries 'Sustainable Tourism'

This XSeries Sustainable Tourism consists of two MOOCs who can be taken in any desired order. Your time investment will be about 6-8 hours per week, per course and the average length is 5-6 weeks per MOOC. Of cours, you can study in your own time, at your own pace, so you can adjust the duration.

MOOC | Rethinking the future

In this course, you'll explore these and other inspiring developments currently observed in the tourism industry. You'll make use of interdisciplinary insights to rethink the status quo of tourism. Alternatives can only become real if we allow for an open space for continuous discussion and the generation of new tourism narratives. The main topics are:

  • How to implement insights from various tourism disciplines to current developments in the tourism industry
  • Become familiar with, and share, inspiring tourism developments across the world
  • Recognize and co-create future narratives as a tool to compose new business cases and/or project proposals in your professional context
  • Ways to become part of ongoing dialogues on developments for the future of tourism

MOOC | Society & Environmental Aspects

Join this course if you want to learn where this growth is coming from and what the effects will be on the social and natural environment. You’ll be challenged with more critical reflections of an industry steeped in comfort and enjoyment. What you will learn:

  • How to view tourism as a complex social and environmental phenomenon
  • An overview of global tourism development in its historical context
  • Ways to distinguish differences in the social study of tourism
  • How to conceive of the sheer size and systemic development of tourism
  • Analysis of the mutual relationships between tourism and its environment

How to enrol

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